La historia de un milagro poco conocido de Don Bosco y María Auxiliadora

05-30-2021Weekly Reflection


Según los relatos del sacerdote salesiano P. Mauricio Verlezza, la presencia de Don Bosco en la ciudad italiana de Génova hace más de 100 años está ligada a muchas anécdotas, historias y también algunos milagros que tienen también como protagonista a María Auxiliadora.


Pentecost Sunday

05-23-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

“Begin by taking a moment to calm yourself, focus on your breathing and become aware of the life force that flows through your veins. Center yourself in the words and affections of St. Augustine’s Prayer to the Holy Spirit, “Breath in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy. Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy. Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I love but what is holy. Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit, to defend all that is holy. Guard me, then, O Holy Spirit, that I may always be holy.” Sanctifying, bringing things to wholeness, blessing, restoring and creating are just some of the fruits of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not always about proclaiming loud cries of praise or singing alleluia from a roof top. It is about unfolding and encountering the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Being filled with the Holy Spirit means being filled with the fullness of God’s life and in touch with the power and wonder of God’s presence. It’s about becoming holy.


God Remains where Love Remains

05-16-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

“God remains where love remains. When a believer realizes without doubt that God is love, it is a powerful moment. Being able to place our resurrection trust in this fundamental truth allows us to experience God’s presence in all of our experiences: the good and the bad, positive and negative, life enriching and destructive events we encounter. It is no wonder that St. Paul so accurately tells us that it is love that endures all things and lasts. How can God not endure or ever fade away? Because he is God, Jesus also guarded and protected his disciples as the endearing shepherd who always had their best interest at heart.


God Loves Through Us

05-09-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

“Remain in my love,” and, “I call you friends,” are powerful words that are found in John’s Gospel. Most of us probably have them committed to memory or have at least heard them proclaimed dozens of times. They are words that can easily become trite and quickly glossed over without fully pondering and digesting their profound beauty. When we take the time to immerse ourselves in them, they can radically change our lives and our relationships. They can open up new doors of adventure and hold countless possibilities for meaning. The essence of love and friendship are things that can easily be taken for granted. They have always been there and are a significant part of our lives. Many would say that they could not live without love and friendship, and they put a great deal of care into preserving, deepening and sustaining them. Love and friendship share a mutual relationship with each other that deserves more reflection.


From Whom do we Learn?

05-02-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

"Spiraling out of control," is a phrase that can easily describe the current display of human existence. In addition to the violence, unrest, uneasiness and turmoil that are common elements of our daily news, other essential pieces are misplaced or missing. Many lack an objective center around which to order and structure their lives or a clear set of definable goals or mores to act as guideposts and life directives. It appears that "feelings" have become a "new god" and traditional structures and ideals set aside. It is almost as if history only shows that we got this whole thing wrong and many are determined to finally set things right. The real truth, however, is that while wrongs and errors are certainly a part of our often-checkered past, it is hardly the case that all was wrong. It is not our task to rewrite the history of our lives, but to learn from mistakes that were made, and preserve the perennial wisdom at the root of our successes. Learning is an essential part of being human.